Commercial Real Estate Platform.

Optimum Credit wished to move into a new market of Commercial Real Estate lending, which would need a new lending portal designed and built. 

A place for a broker to complete an application without stepping out of the portal, API integration to ONS and Companies House, DIP Calculator, File upload & Management and Solicitor Panel Integration.

As a multi million pound investment this needed to be tested and validated at all stages to further understand the business needs and market opportunities by speaking with subject matter experts and defining KPIs from senior stakeholders.


After workshopping the concept to define the viability of the project, what does good like like? who are our competitors and who are our users? I then defined simple proto personas and created some initial proof of high fidelity concept pieces to get stakeholder buy in. Worked with the project team to define user stories, if there are any technical constraints and basic timelines.

What I learned

There wasn't a similar product in the market so all assumptions made would need to be validated and key pain point for users was "time to decison" so that would be our North Star.


Working prototypes were created using Axure with working calculators and aligning to the task flows. Extensive testing was carried out with SMEs and external panel of brokers to validate assumptions, feedback was triaged, prototypes were then iterated and benchmarked.

What I learned

In general, users were excited about the platform. It was easy to get a calculation, the interface was intuitive, and our participants immediately understood the navigation.

Design, Develop & Deliver.

We built the high-fidelity prototypes using Adobe XD defining the brand color, typography is then defined based on accessibility and hierarchy, states are define for interactions and further testing is carried out based on Tasks and 5 second rules. Once all tested and agreed all elements are broken down into a transferable design system for handover to the development teams

What I learned

Users liked the simplicity of the designs, understood the RAG status colours, really easy to complete tasks based on finding applications.