Design Systems.

During my time I have built and managed many design systems from their very analogue beginnings as Brand Guidelines, then through to UI Kits and then Design systems, Tokenisation, and the ability to embrace future technologies of nocode/lowcode solutions.

Figma Vanilla UI.

I firmly believe there are people with much greater skills than me in all fields and I embrace that by using an off the shelf Vanilla UI Design system that I can use, adapt and configure for all needs, SAAS Dashboards, Web Interfaces, Websites, and much more.

I have used and built design systems in Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma and Invision DSM.

I believe these enhance the design process, close down ambiguity and give me the ability to work more collaboratively with engineering teams, whilst ensuring a single source of truth across the end to end cycle.

Frameworks .

I have worked extensively with Bootstrap Framework giving me an out of the box responsive , Vanilla platform of which ideas and project can springboard off.


I am currently exploring all the opportunities that lowcode solutions offer, whether design to app, design to web or linking design systems to third party vendors.