Customer onboarding screens.

William Hill recognised a pain point during new customer feedback and research around the migration of customers from Physical shops to digital.

Whilst majority of users knew the analogue journey of placing a bet, when presented with an App they felt lost and confused, a quick win for this was a onboarding sequence illustrating the two main pain points of “placing a bet” and “making a deposit.

Placing a bet.

Adhering to our Brand guidelines and after defining the Golden path to “placing a bet’ designs were made of 3, 4, 5 and 6 steps and after testing 4 steps proved the most informative.

What I learned

There was an assumption that users would deposit money before placing a bet, testing proved this to be wholly wrong.

Adding a deposit.

We found that adding a deposit was a simpler lesson as users had learned behaviour from online shopping, so we simply had to inform the user where to start the “adding a deposit” journey.

What I learned

Learned behaviour is so powerful and designers should embrace it and utilise it rather than try and reinvent proven paths.